Elizabeth Taylor

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Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her award-winning film roles, as well as her glamorous lifestyle and impeccable beauty. The two-time Oscar® winner and businesswoman was also a social activist who worked tirelessly in the fight against AIDS.

Elizabeth appeared on The Oprah Show twice. Oprah has said that her first interview with Elizabeth in 1988 was memorable in its difficulty.

Right before the interview, Elizabeth asked Oprah not to ask her anything about her relationships. "That's kind of hard to do when you're Elizabeth Taylor, and you've been married seven times," Oprah said when she reflected on the conversation. "To her credit, she later apologized to me."

Oprah later found out that one of the reasons the interview was so difficult was that Elizabeth was in a lot of hip and back pain at the time.

Elizabeth appeared on The Oprah Show again in 1992, just after her 60th birthday. "If there were such a thing as American royalty, my guest today would be considered the queen," Oprah said in her introduction. "She is a living legend from the time that Hollywood gave us not just actors and actresses but honest-to-goodness movie stars. ... She has talent, and it seems, eternal youth."

In February 2011, Elizabeth was admitted to the hospital with symptoms related to congestive heart failure. She died on March 23, 2011, at age 79.