Age: 41

Age when first abused: 3

"African-American men in our society who have been molested don't talk about it, nor do they seek help. I want them to know that 'brothas' can heal from this issue. It seems, in the black community, talking about a black man that has been molested or raped by another black man is taboo. It is a threat to their manhood and masculinity. I know a ton of brothers that come to me to discuss their story because their own molestation still affects them to this day. I want the brothas to know that their story is worthy of telling.

"Get help regardless of race, creed or orientation. If you have been through any traumatic experience, seek professional help. Go to a counselor, seek spiritual guidance, but don't live in silence and suffer as I have. I had nobody to help me find help. I just did it willy-nilly and took upon myself to find help. Don't allow all of your power to be taken away from you because of fear. Don't live alone and lonely all your life because of mental and emotional trauma. Take back your life by stepping up, standing strong and saying to the world, 'I will not allow this to defeat me.' I think Maya Angelou put it best: 'And still I rise.'"


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