Janet and Justin Timberlake perform at the Super Bowl

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What really happened at the 2004 Super Bowl? Janet says this will be the first and last time she talks about it!

The halftime show with Janet Jackson was billed as an event that would be remembered for years to come—and was it ever. For the grand finale, Justin Timberlake sang "I'm going to get you naked by the end of this song," and he did just that—ripping Janet's bustier and exposing her breast, naked except for a large sunburst-shaped ring.The incident sparked a firestorm of controversy that swept across the country. The Federal Communications Commission received more than 500,000 complaints and CBS was fined $550,000.

Oprah wants to know—was it planned?

"No," Janet says. "What people don't understand is, he was to rip the piece off that he did, but more came off than what was supposed to. ... It was a very embarrassing moment."

Janet says she can't believe her breast caused global interest. "There was so much more going on in the world that was so much more important," she says.

Twenty-four hours after the Super Bowl, Janet issued an apology, which she's since said she regrets making. "Management that I had at the time, they thought it was important that I [apologize]," she says. "Before I sat down to record the apology, I had said to them, 'Why am I apologizing for an accident?'"