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More than two years ago, Evaline was kidnapped from her home by LRA soldiers. Evaline says they came in the night and took her and many others from her area. For the next year, she says she was beaten regularly and forced to fight and work as a mule in her captors' army.

During one violent gunfight, a bomb dropped from a plane. One of the rebel commanders used Evaline as a shield, pushing her body in front of his own. When the bomb exploded, shrapnel tore into Evaline's face leaving her bleeding and disfigured. "I ran and fell under the trees," she says. "I was scared. I looked to my left and I saw two girls who were dead. One woman in front of me was also dying."

When the bomb hit her, Evaline tells Lisa, "I felt like I was dead. I wasn't breathing right. I was in severe pain."