Lucy Liu in Pakistan

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On the morning of October 8, 2005, one of the deadliest earthquakes in history struck the town of Balakot, Pakistan. In just 15 seconds, the entire city was reduced to a pile of rubble. Seventy thousand people died—half of them children—100,000 people were injured and 4 million are now homeless.

Actress Lucy Liu traveled to Pakistan to view the devastation firsthand. After her special report for the Oprah Show, donations poured in. To date, viewers have contributed almost $500,000.

Lucy says these donations will make a huge difference in the lives of earthquake survivors. The money will be used to buy 200 school tents, which accommodate a total of 8,000 students, and 570 "school in a box" kits that will help 50,000 children get an education. One thousand families will also receive purified water, wool blankets, medical kits and warm jackets.

"I'm eternally grateful," Lucy says. "And UNICEF is eternally grateful."