What Are Some Hardships Facing Veterans?

Many veterans experience tough times on a daily basis, and those who suffer from PTSD usually have difficulty trusting others. "They have a great deal of distrust with anyone who hasn't experienced what they've experienced," he says. "One thing that's been very helpful when we've been working with them is establishing peer support groups."

For the smallest comments can be a trigger for someone who is dealing with PTSD. "Some of the guys say they get really upset when friends of theirs or even family members say, 'I understand exactly what you mean,'" Bill says. "They [friends and family] can't understand. They get resentful when they get asked questions about it sometimes."

When this happens, Bill suggests you remember that sometimes ignorance is bliss. "What we tell them is, 'Look, you don't want your mom to necessarily understand everything that you went through,'" he says. "'You don't want to expose them to that. You have to give them a break. Know that they love you and care about you deeply. They're just trying to help.'"

Finding employment is difficult for many Americans, but it's even more difficult for veterans with PTSD. "It's very sad because a lot of people don't report that they have it," Bill says. In many cases, if veterans want jobs in law enforcement or security agencies when they return—and Bill says many of them do—being diagnosed with PTSD could ruin their chances of getting the job.
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