What's the Most Important Thing You Can Do for a Veteran Who is Returning Home from War? 

It's important to remember that every soldier's experience overseas is personal and unique, so there's no set answer to the question, "How can I help?" "Some return home with physical and psychological injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, polytrauma (a multitude of physical injuries), PTSD, readjustment disorders, financial hardships, estrangement from family and friends and loss of housing," Bill says.

There isn't one answer to all veterans' problems, so the best way to help is to be educated. "If the American public can seek out knowledge about veteran specific issues, then they can understand a bit how they can help and who they can reach out to in order to
help," he says.

Also, showing love and respect for veterans is more powerful than you might think—even if the solider is a stranger. "Something as simple as walking up to a service member in an airport or on the streets who is in uniform and thanking them for their service or welcoming them home is so appreciated and helpful," Bill says. "It garners trust and lets the service members know that they
are not forgotten."

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