After they had been on the lobby floor for four hours, Chris says he saw the security guard making some hand signals. "I took that as 'It's time to run.' I didn't realize that he was talking to the police outside via hand signals," he says. "I mouthed to the guard and I said, 'Run,' and he shook his head yes."

Watch Chris and Jim recount their amazing escape.

Before he started running, Chris says he felt a moment of hesitation. "As I was lying on the floor, I just said: 'I am not ready to die. This is not the way I'm going to die. I have a lot more to do.' We counted down, and Jim looked at me and I looked back at the gunman and he looked down," he says. "I just turned and ran the fastest I think I've ever run."

While Chris made a dash to door, Jim thought his fellow hostages were executing a different plan. "When [Chris] takes off, I actually took off for cover behind one of those pillars for a second. A voice in my head said, 'Run.' By then, the gunman had come around the desk and I booked it."

After all three hostages made it to safety, a sniper shot and killed Lee.


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