One of the hostages, Jim McNulty, is a senior writer and producer for TLC. He says he had been away from the Discovery offices that morning but came in to attend an afternoon meeting. He says he saw a man with a gun as soon as he walked in the door. "I started thinking, 'Are we doing a production here?'" he says. "Until the man pointed at me and [said]: 'On the ground! On the ground!' And my hands go up, and I let go of my wheelie bag and took a few steps into the lobby and I got face down on the marble."

Jim says he initially thought he had walked in on a robbery. "At first I'm thinking: 'Why is somebody wanting to rob the lobby of Discovery? We don't keep any money here.' And then he starts going off about, you know, all they had to do was save the world, and you start realizing, 'Okay, I'm a hostage.'"

Jim says he started saying Hail Marys. "I lost track of how many I said," he says.


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