Once the money started coming in, Iyanla remodeled the modest home she bought before she started appearing on The Oprah Show. But, she says she was forced out of her dream home when her mortgage payments ballooned. "I didn't know anything about buying a mortgage," she says.

Iyanla says she also bought a building that needed to be renovated, but she didn't get advice from her accountant and ended up owing taxes she couldn't afford. "I made so much money on [Oprah's] show in an hour," Iyanla says. "I didn't have the right kind of support. I didn't know."

Then, Iyanla's talk show was canceled, and she says she had no way to dig out of debt. "When The Iyanla Show went down, they tell you Friday, you're out of work on Monday, and you can't go to the unemployment office trying to get a check on that," she says. "Friday you're making a million, and Monday you're making nothing."


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