Dan says Willy told him it was the sexual molestation he suffered as a child that set him on this path of destruction. "He said, 'It's a scar that you have with you for life, and nothing is going to fix that,'" Dan says. But, Willy also made it clear that he'd moved on. "The thing that really changed his life, it sounds like, wasn't necessarily just the molestation—it was losing his mother and his sister," Dan says.

Despite the fact that they've been separated for years, Willy and Rebecca remain very close. "Watching these two together is striking," Dan says. "He walks in, and they start talking to each other as if they had just seen each other yesterday."

Rebecca and Willy stay close by writing letters to each other often. "They started talking as if the end of the letter was the beginning of the conversation," Dan says. "When you talk to Willy, that's really clear—that it's about family to him."


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