In October 2010, Rebecca went with NBC chief legal analyst Dan Abrams, a reporter who's covered the Nesler family's story over the years, to visit Willy at the High Desert State Prison in California. It was the first time Rebecca had seen her brother in two years.

Rebecca says she was nervous about visiting Willy because she hates having to say goodbye to her best friend. "Mom was my best friend for a long time," Rebecca says. "But Willy's definitely stepped up to that role. He's my confidant."

Dan and Rebecca met with Willy for two and a half hours, but cameras were not allowed inside the prison. Afterward, Dan says he was impressed by Willy's behavior. "Very often when I'll interview someone in prison, they'll either blame other people or they'll be angry or they'll talk about their innocence," Dan says. "Willy didn't do any of that. He was really introspective and thoughtful about his whole life and about the path that had led him there. That really struck me."


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