To Tammy's surprise, Juanita walks onto Oprah's stage and stands by her side once again. "When I think of this lady, I think of two words: warrior and compassion," she says. "She did for me what no one else could. It took another sister soldier to do it."

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Juanita says she didn't realize her actions had such a profound effect on Tammy. "I vowed that while I was there, whatever female came through—especially when I found out the condition that Tammy was in—it was my duty to be there, to let her know that she could make it," Juanita says.

Oprah says she'll never forget the words Juanita said the first time they spoke. "You said when you come back [from deployment], everybody expects you to be the same person you were, and there is no way you can humanly possibly be the same person you were after going into war," Oprah says. "That impacted me so much."

Juanita still feels the same way. "I don't think people have adjusted to me," she says. "I think I've adjusted to people."

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