People may wonder why Alicia doesn't ask for help, but she says she feels like she can't. "It's hard to say you're drowning when your mouth is full of water," she says.

Despite the obstacles Alicia faces on a daily basis, she says she's not angry that she's homeless."I grew up in Washington, D.C., around some of the greatest leaders of all time," Alicia says. "[I was] influenced by their strength and what they did in the heat of battle."

Alicia says she is angry that male veterans seem to have more resources available to them than female soldiers. "There's only one woman's program," she says. "There's only 30-some beds. When they fill up, where are we going? Yet men, of course, they dominate the military. They also dominate the housing situation, but more women are in the military [than ever before], so we need to accommodate the amount of women."

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