Katherine Heigl and Oprah

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Since Katherine's hit medical drama, Grey's Anatomy, premiered in 2005, she says she hasn't had much spare time. When the show isn't taping during the summer months, she spends her days on film sets.

In the fall of 2007, things were different. The Hollywood writers' strike halted production of the show halfway through season four. After three months away from the Seattle Grace set, Katherine says she missed the show and her character, Dr. Isobel Stevens. "I miss Izzie," she says.

Katherine says her close friend and castmate T.R. Knight organized a fundraiser for the Grey's Anatomy crew during the strike. "T.R.'s going to make us all pay to go so that we can donate some money to the crews and stuff, because [the strike has] been much longer I think than anybody expected," she says.

In February 2008, the writers' strike ended and production resumed on the Grey's set.