'Top secret' video messages for Oprah

For months the Harpo staff has been plotting to pull off a big surprise for Oprah to celebrate 20 years on the air—every time a big celebrity visited, producers whisked them away to record a top secret video message. "Here's the truth," Oprah reveals, "I've known about it the whole time!"
Will Smith

"Hey Oprah! Happy 20th anniversary. It was 20 years ago today that we first made love," jokes Will Smith. "I still remember it was magnificent. We laughed, we cried...Happy 20th!"
Hugh Grant

"You're very clever," says Hugh Grant. "A little bit too nosey but strangely sexy!"
Jim Carrey

"Twenty years! What can I say?" jokes Jim Carrey. "You have much to learn."
Jon Stewart

"Happy 20th! Hang in there," teases funnyman Jon Stewart. "You'll get there—just keep trying. It'll happen for you."
Jerry Seinfeld

"Oprah, 20 years. On behalf of the United States of America I would like to say 'thanks, we needed that,'" says Jerry Seinfeld.
Tina Turner

"Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of your show!" says Tina Turner. "I'm very happy to have been a part of it—especially the part when you decided to make your wildest dream come true and you came on tour with me. It was a wonderful moment having you on stage."
Jennifer Aniston

"I feel so fortunate to know Oprah. She celebrates her life so beautifully that I think it's the reason she's able to give so beautifully," says Jennifer Aniston. "Oprah, I absolutely adore you and I think you are one of the most spectacular women that we have. You inspire me to be a better woman, a better human being, a better friend, and I'm so thankful you've been around for 20 years. I can't wait to see you in 20 more years because at the rate you're going, you just get better and more beautiful. And I thank you for everything you do. I love you."
Jude Law

"There was a moment when I was on and you were taking questions from the audience and I was just off stage and you had your arm around me and I thought, 'God, this is comfortable,'" says Jude Law. "And then I realized she was actually snuggling up to me and we remained like that for maybe 8, 9, 10 minutes and it was like this embrace off camera which I was very, very happy with."
Chris Rock

"Congratulations for 20 years," says Chris Rock. "I hope you're on for 20 more or 50 more years! I know if aliens ever come from outer space, the first stop they're going to make is to The Oprah Winfrey Show. I can't wait 'til I see an alien standing on the couch screaming about the love of an alien woman!"
Ray Romano and Brad Garrett

Everybody Loves Raymond's Ray Romano and Brad Garrett share their congratulations.

Ray Romano: Hi, I'm Ray Romano.

Brad Garrett: And I'm Stedman. Happy Anniversary. I love you, sweetheart! See you back at the house. I'm very proud of you.

Ray Romano: We're trying to do a nice thing here. Can you turn it off for one minute here?

Brad Garrett: I can do what I want to do—I'm Stedman.

Ray Romano: Congratulations, Oprah. Sorry....

Brad Garrett: Happy anniversary, Oprah...20 magical years! Call me.
Gena Davis

Geena Davis, who plays the president in the ABC drama Commander in Chief, tells Oprah, "I may be the fake most powerful woman in the world, but you are the real thing! And I mean it."
Meryl Streep

"There are people who are famous for being other people—like me—and then there's you, who just gets more authentically yourself every year—deeper, richer—really richer—better and more fabulous!" says Meryl Streep.
Nicole Kidman

"For me you have been an inspiration," says Nicole Kidman. "You have given me the ability to dream. I've watched you in Australia since I was a little girl. l fell in love with you then and you have never lost me."
Hilary Swank

"Happy 20th anniversary, Oprah!" congratulates Hilary Swank. "Thank you for 20 years of laughter, tears, inspiration and magic. You are a phenomenon and it's an honor to know you!"
Tom Cruise

"20 years!" exclaims Tom Cruise. "20 magical years. Because that's what you are. You are 'magic.'"
Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley

Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley share their congratulations....

Michael Jordan: Oprah, happy 20th anniversary. We came in about the same time. '84. You came in '84. I came in '84.

Charles Barkley: And look how she's successful and you're not.

Michael Jordan: No, no, no. You're not. I'm successful. We won. She won. You never won.

Charles Barkley: You're right.
George Clooney

"Oprah, I wanted to congratulate you on 20 years of this show. I remember when it first came out I was six years old," jokes George Clooney. "I was sitting as a small boy watching your show thinking, 'Someday I want to be famous like that.' I'm still working at that!"