Though she's traveled all over the world for films and for pleasure, Shirley says that she feels most at peace at her home in New Mexico with her dog Terry. It's a sprawling, adobe-style home with breathtaking views—and Shirley says it seemed to call to her.

"I walked into the house ... not intending to buy a house," she says. "I sensed that there was a dancer that died at the top of the stairway and that she now wanted me to have this house. So, I called the person I was dealing with and bought the house without even looking at the rest of it."

Now, her home is filled with Hollywood history, from her "Wall of Life" that features countless photographs of Shirley with her famous friends to her dining room that features the furniture used in Terms of Endearment.

Forty-five miles away from her home is Shirley's 8,000-acre ranch—a self-sufficient property that's totally off the grid with its wind turbine and solar panels for electricity, fireplaces for heat and small greenhouses for fresh fruit and vegetables year round.

Take an exclusive tour of Shirley's two peaceful properties 


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