Like his father, Michael has accomplished much in his 40-plus years in show business, including his Oscar® win for Wall Street. "It was a big one for me because I got an Oscar," Michael says. "When you're second generation, and you're always being compared to your father. It really was a moment of stepping out of his shadow and feeling a confirmation of your own identity as an actor."

When he looks back at his career, Michael says he's most proud of his "good batting average." Some of his favorite films include Falling Down, The War of the Roses and Wonder Boys. Michael is also excited about his latest project—playing legendary showman Liberace alongside Matt Damon, who is set to play Liberace's young lover.

"[I'm excited] not just for all of his flamboyance, which is fun and a chance for the piano and performing, but I have never heard anybody say a bad word about Liberace," he says. "I play a lot of villains, Oprah...lot of bad guys. I'm really looking forward to playing a lovely guy."

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