Left to right: Derrick, Justin, Matt, Lenny and Jason on dating

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We asked a group of young men to give us their version of the absolute, honest dating truth.

Derrick: There are some women in Chicago that think I actually have a twin. I'm not proud of it, but that's the situation, where I just wouldn't have the guts enough to tell her up front that I didn't want to see her anymore, so I pretended I left town.

Justin: The lamest excuse I ever had was, I ran into a girl in a bar and she goes, "Oh, my God, Justin. Why didn't you ever call me?" I said, "Oh, I dropped my phone in the toilet and I lost all my phone numbers for the past month. It's been driving me crazy!" But she totally believed it because it's just so elaborate.

Lenny: The job is an excellent vehicle for excuses. "I'm working late. I'm working on an intense project. The boss is really on me this week and I know I'm going to be out of town," when you're really sitting at home watching cartoons.

Jason: If I'm making excuses not to have sex with you, I'm not into you.

Oprah: I would just like to know, though, why is the truth so hard?

Justin: I think the bottom line is, you know, we fear hurting a girl's feelings so we'll do anything except say the truth.