Does Kimber have a running partner with boyfriend potential?

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Kimber's not sure if her running buddy wants to be more than friends or not.

Kimber: I meet this guy. Now we've become running buddies. We run every Sunday at the lake. I even go to church with him. I feel like he gives me hints that he's interested. He calls me…he e-mails me. He even goes far enough to say, 'What are you doing this weekend?' But if I reply, he just says, 'Cool.' But he never asks me out. So, here's my question: Is he into me or not?

Greg: This may sound complicated, but if a guy isn't asking you out, he's not that into you. What you have, I think in this situation, is a friend. It's odd that he calls up and asks you what you're doing and says cool. He's making sure you're going to have a good weekend without him. And, clearly, you're a person who should be asked out. You're pretty. You're smart. You're an athlete. You're all kinds of great things. One of the things that happens, I think, when you're in a headspace about somebody else, you're literally not available.

Kimber: He calls a lot and e-mails a lot during the week so I…

Greg: You know what? My friend Mark calls me a lot and asks me how I am. And when I tell him I'm good, he says, 'Cool." And we're friends.