Joy wants her boyfriend to spend more time with her.

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Joy tells Greg her story: "I've been dating this guy almost a year. We have these amazing nights together. We have great conversation. Oh, my God, and like the best sex I've ever had. Then I get these times when I don't hear from him for three weeks and then I get a little text message: 'Hey, miss you.' I mean, a text message? He's got a really important job in the music industry, so I understand he's always working. When we're together, he makes me feel so beautiful. There's no faking this. It's so real. So, Greg, if we're so amazing together when we are together, why doesn't he want that all the time?"

Greg says, "You're a beautiful person that deserves to be with somebody every day. My wife's beautiful. That's why I married her. Because I want to see her every day. You know what I mean? You can spend time with somebody. You can dig them. But if you're not spending time with them all the time—they're not into you."