Trinny and Susannah conduct bra interventions.

Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, the What Not to Wear duo, are back to reveal a beauty secret that literally performs miracles. It can reverse aging. It can make you look 10, even 20, pounds lighter. It's all about wearing the right size bra!

Trinny and Susannah conducted bra interventions on five unsuspecting women committing serious brassiere violations.
Deirdre gets a new bra and new look.

Our first offender is Deirdre. Her offense? Underwire fraud. She is hiding a great asset under that lumpy bra. Deirdre had been wearing a 36A, but when she got fitted, she found out she was a 32C!

"You forgot that you had boobs!" Susannah says to Deirdre. "It was like they were hidden and just, like, this one great big lump of flesh. And now we've given her two breasts with this very plunging bra, which allows you to open the neckline deep and again pushing them forward. You know, it doesn't matter what size your boobs are, you should always push them forward."

Deirdre's classic high-waisted and tapered jeans made her legs look short and her butt enormous! "Those frumpy high-waisted things were just killing her, so we put her in very long jeans with an extremely high heel," Susannah says. Now she looks fit and slim in Joe's jeans.
Colette gets a lift from a new bra.

Colette's offense: Reckless endangerment. Her ill-fitting bra is only making her post-baby sag even worse. Colette was wearing a poor-fitting strapless bra that smashed her boobs flat and elongated them like bananas. And her shorts only accentuated her thighs and saddlebags, making her look wider than she is. But Trinny and Susannah loved the fit of Colette's jacket.

Colette had been wearing a size 36B bra and now she knows she's a 34DD. And with the right size bra and straps, she doesn't have to keep tugging at her bra to keep it in place.

"Everything with Colette was just going south," Trinny says. So the first thing the makeover team did was give Colette fabulous hair and a fresh new makeup to draw attention to her beautiful face. Then, they replaced her tight shorts with a skirt that skimmed her thighs. "The skirt shows off your fabulous legs and it just gives you an hourglass figure," Trinny tells Colette. "You look wonderful."
The right bra gives an instant breast reduction and lift.

Next, we charged Jennifer with indecent exposure. She's spilling out of her bra in front and in back. And she was wearing the brightest color across her biggest area! Before Jennifer thought that she was a 36C and wanted to be smaller. She was in for quite a surprise—she's a 32G.

Jennifer went from an apple-shaped figure to an hourglass with the right bra! Most importantly, by wearing the right bra, you could suddenly see Jennifer's small waist. Having a dress in all one color elongated her torso, and the v-neck, according to Susannah, was crucial. "If you have a v-neck, you're separating the breasts," she says. "You have more flesh here and you're making them look smaller, whereas if you have a huge expanse of fabric going over the top, not only do you look like you have a third chin coming down with your bosoms but they look enormous. You need to break them up with the deep V."
Briana's new cleavage

Briana's offense was false imprisonment. She's not even close to filling out her padded bra. Trinny shares her own bosom-enhancing trick—gel inserts!

"It's like a silicone thing," Trinny explains, "and you put your bra on and put it in and it pushes your cleavage. Now she has cleavage! … Before, she was this bland woman wearing stripes to make herself even flatter. Now she has gorgeous cleavage!"

Briana is also wearing firming Spanx® shorts to give her thighs smoothness.
Beleta's new summer look

And finally, Beleta was charged with transporting breasts in an illegal container. She's been wearing the same bra for 20 years!

Forty-nine-year-old Beleta's summer wardrobe is in desperate need of an update—Trinny and Susannah raid her suitcase and find pair after pair of unflattering high-waisted pleated shorts. "That's a grandpa short," Susannah says. "That's what old men do the gardening in. Not for someone like you, gorgeous!" Beleta has a fabulous figure, but in the clothes she chooses to wear, she looks at least10 pounds heavier than she is.

Beleta had been wearing a 34B, but now she's a 32D. Her new bra and flattering summer clothes make all the difference!
Susan Nethero's best bra fitting tips

Susan Nethero is one of the best cleavage cops in the business. She trained under the Queen of England's royal bra fitter and she's the owner of the wildly successful Intimacy Boutiques in Atlanta, Chicago and New York. Over the years she has hoisted and squeezed and adjusted more than 100,000 pairs of breasts.

Her best breast tip? "Your bra should be level front to back so you get a lift and it looks beautiful in the front."

Find out where to wear and measure your bra.
Trinny and Susannah model bad cuts of jeans.

There's no more classic look than a great white top with a fabulous pair of fitting jeans—unless they're these jeans!

Trinny and Susannah model what not to wear:
  • Tapered or high-waisted jeans make your legs look shorter, your stomach bigger and your rear longer. And if you're pear-shaped like Trinny, tapered jeans exaggerate the width of your hips.
  • If you have a flabby belly, don't wear low hipster jeans.
  • Unless you want to look heavier than you are, never wear light colored jeans.
  • Don't wear a pair of jeans with a high heel unless the jean comes down to the floor and covers the heel.

See the difference the right jean makes next!
Perfect jeans and white T-shirt for your body type.

Look at the difference the right jean makes! Trinny adds a wide belt to cut the size of her butt in half. And her wide legged jeans balance her figure. "My pear-shaped figure has disappeared in the blink of an eye because I've got the weight of the bottom of my pants," she says. And her crew neck tank top is perfect for smaller breasted women.

Susannah's two-toned jeans make her thighs look thinner. They are extra, extra long and the waistline on her pair comes up a bit so her stomach is held in. "You're not seeing all that horrible flesh spilling over the top because the waistband has room for improvement," she says.

"A v-neck is always the best for big boobs," Susannah adds. "This nice sort of detail going over the boobs actually makes my bosoms look a little bit smaller, which I like."
The behind-the-scenes beauty team

Three cheers for our all-star makeover team! Marshall Field's provided the great fashions, celebrity hair stylist John Barrett of New York's John Barrett Salon and colorist Shane Talbott of Salon Duo in Chicago created the ladies' sassy, sultry summer styles, and the makeup team from Laura Mercier made sure every face was flawless.
A swimsuit makeover

One suit. Two suit. Red suit. Blue suit. Swimsuit season is here, and this year, O, The Oprah Magazine 's team set out to find women whose suits needed serious updating. See the stunning before and after photos!