Nine months into their ordeal, Shane and Sarah experienced one big moment of joy: They got engaged. "That was a special moment," Sarah says. "That was one of the best."

At that point, they were only seeing each other for an hour a day in a small outdoor court. Sarah says she, Shane and Josh would spend that hour in a circle, holding hands and comforting one another. They even tried to perk themselves up on Fridays by "dressing up."

"The only way I could make myself look a little better was [by putting] some strawberry jelly on my lips," Sarah says. "Of course I didn't have a mirror, so I had no idea what I looked like in prison."

Sarah says her time in prison changed the way she looked at life and showed her what's really important: her family and her relationship with God. She says it was the thought of her loved ones back home that helped her to keep up hope.

"There was only one day in prison that I really gave up—that I just didn't get out of bed, didn't eat. I just cried," she says. "I had to pick myself up because I had to keep going for my mom and for everyone else that loves me."


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