Before they were taken into prison, Sarah, Shane and Josh were driven around Iran and interrogated for a couple days.

"We switched hands several times, and we spent the night in a small prison—kind of in the middle of nowhere," Sarah says. "The first three days we just thought: 'This is impossible. We did nothing. We're tourists...they're going to let us go.'"

Reality didn't set in for Sarah until they arrived at the prison in Tehran, where they were separated for the first time.

"That was one of the most devastating moments because they just tore us apart and threw us into three different cells," Sarah says. "I screamed and screamed all night long, and that was when it hit me that we were in prison."

Eventually, Sarah, Shane and Josh were charged with espionage—an accusation that Sarah says is extremely painful.

"In the beginning, they told us again and again for the first six months, 'You're not being charged with espionage,'" Sarah says. "And I believed it. The first time I saw it on the television, I was devastated."


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