While acting in Hollywood, Goldie became known as a stunning sex symbol and "it" girl of the 1960s. From the sweet, perky mistress in Cactus Flower to the spoiled and sheltered young widow in Private Benjamin, she has played beautiful blondes who charmed those around them.

Although the movie-star culture places great emphasis on youthful appearance, Goldie says that at age 65, she has a strong sense of self and what makes her who she is today.

"My identity has never been wrapped around my being famous," Goldie says. "My identity has been what's inside of me."

On the inside, Goldie says she sees herself as a daughter, mother, partner and friend. Aging and outside looks, she says, are simply a part of life. "Getting older is natural," she says. "We have to face the fact that jobs are going to stop. You're not going to be a Hollywood beauty forever. You're not going to be the sex symbol. These things are going to change."


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