Bon Jovi rocks out

Bon Jovi Rocks Out
Jon Bon Jovi and his band rocked their way to superstardom 22 years ago. A string of blockbuster hits and electrifying live performances have made them rock star icons. One of the biggest bands on the planet, Bon Jovi made its debut on American Bandstand in 1984. Since then, they've performed live for more than 32 million fans across the globe and have sold more than 100 million albums.
The band performs

It's My Best Life
The fan-filled audience goes wild for "It's My Life," before the band transitions into their next song...
Rocking out with the band

Bon Jovi Love
Bon Jovi performs "You Give Love a Bad Name" while the crowd swoons, sings—and screams—along!
Jon Bon Jovi

The Fans
Bon Jovi admits to seducing his millions of fans when he's on stage. "From a distance, good thing they can't smell me when I'm up there, you know? I work up a stink," he jokes. "Sure there's seduction. Absolutely."

What have his throngs of fans meant to him over the years? "They're an integral part of everything that we do because they allow me the opportunity to continue doing it," Jon says. But he adds that the band doesn't follow trends: "I don't compromise who I am and what I am and what I do…for a fan base."
Jon Bon Jovi and Oprah

No Place Like Home
When Jon isn't performing to sold-out crowds, he's at home at his New Jersey estate with Dorothea, his high school sweetheart of 16 years, and their four children. What are some of Jon's other passions? Football and Philly. The football fanatic even bought his own team two years ago, the Philadelphia Soul.

He credits much of his success to his wife and staying close to his roots. "She truly is my best friend because she just gives me all the support and common sense," Jon says of Dorothea. "She's the one that wakes up and goes, 'Here you go, rock star, take a look in the mirror this morning!'"
Jon Bon Jovi

Being a Dad
Jon Bon Jovi says he, Dorothea and their four children are just "regular Joes": "All the kids went to school yesterday, dropped everyone off, you know, the first day of school. And Jakey didn't cry. We sort of high-fived on the way out of his first day of school because he didn't cry."

Keeping his kids far from the limelight is also one of his top priorities. "We don't take them to movie premieres," Jon explains, "I don't utilize them to get publicity."
Jon Bon Jovi at the Northern Home for Children

Make Giving Hip
Jon has made a commitment to use his fame to help other people, and his mission is to make giving a hip thing to do. He says you can start a revolution by touching one soul at a time. For him, it starts in Philadelphia at the Northern Home for Children, a safe haven for some of the city's most neglected and impoverished children.
Jon Bon Jovi on constructing a playground at the Northern Home for Children

A Place to Be a Kid
With the help of the football team Jon co-owns, Philadelphia Soul, and MTV's Real World, Jon builds these kids a playground.

"You go to an institution that's been there for 150 years and they didn't have a playground like this for the kids to be kids. … Could you imagine—when you're only 3'6" and looking up at this huge building and being taken away from your family, you need a place to be a kid. It might help you open up."
Jon and his littlest fans enjoy the new playground.

One Rockin' Playground
Now the playground is really rockin'!

Little Souls
All the little souls at the Northern home finally have a playground to call their own!
Kids at the Northern home unwrap their gifts from Gap.

Surprise from Gap
"Here in Philadelphia," Jon says, "kids have to wear a uniform—khakis, a white shirt. These kids don't have the money for simple things like clothes."

But things are about to change—Jon surprises all the kids with new wardrobes from Gap. Each student gets $300 worth of clothes!
Backpacks and school supplies for everybody!

School Supplies from Staples
Staples provides each student with a backpack packed with school supplies!
50 new computers from CompUSA!

New Computers for Everybody!
CompUSA presents the Northern Home for Children with 50 new computers!
The gorgeous, generous Jon Bon Jovi

Habitat for Humanity
Jon's band is dedicated to social consciousness. They're taking the proceeds from their album and building four houses for Habitat for Humanity. "What motivates me at this point in my career," Jon says, "is the idea of continuing to give back. Without giving back, how can you go on?"
Jon surprises Beth, one of his most fanatical fans.

Special Delivery
Beth Mills is a 38-year-old wife and mother of two. Her family says that for almost 20 years she's had another man in her life: Jon Bon Jovi. Growing up, the walls and ceiling of her bedroom were covered with his posters. Now, her cubicle at work is a shrine with photos of Jon everywhere. Oprah got close to 100 e-mails from friends, family and co-workers begging to make Beth's dream to meet Jon come true.

Bon Jovi rocks out

$1 Million!
After all his generosity, Jon Bon Jovi is just getting started. He has yet another gift—a donation for the Angel Network. "The band and I," Jon tells Oprah, "want you to continue your good deeds."

Oprah looks at the check and is stunned. "I have to say," she says, "I've been doing this for a long time, and no one has ever given our Angel Network $1 million!"
Bon Jovi rocks out

Richie Sambora, Tico Torres and Dave Bryan have been friends and bandmates for over 20 years—what has kept them together?

"I think it's commitment," Richie says. "Like when you get married—you commit."

"We've got each other's backs," Jon says, "but we keep each other in line, too."

"Thank you for the million dollars," Oprah says. "I love your music but I love your hearts more!"
The audience gets Bon Jovi tickets!

A Very Nice Day
For the November 2005 launch of his Have a Nice Day world tour, Jon invites the entire audience to the kickoff concert in Chicago!

"You're all getting tickets!" Oprah announces. "And all I've got to say is—when you go, have a nice day!"