Q: You've obviously been a guest on a lot of talk shows. What have you learned from all those experiences that you can apply to being a good host?

A: Well, I've learned that when you're having fun time goes by fast. Like the three times I filled in for Regis with Kelly Ripa. Kelly Ripa makes it fun and she's fun and she's having a good time. And she doesn't grind it out. She just lets it come to her.

When I was a guest with Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy was great. We'd do a little bit of a preinterview and then Jimmy stuck to very little of it.

When I was on Jay Leno, everything had to be structured. You had to talk about the first thing and the second thing. ... And when I didn't, it made me seem to them that I wasn't as good a guest. You know, I'm dyslexic. I have trouble following the line of thought when I just think if you're with a comedian, your thoughts should just be as they are. You should be able to just hang with them.

Doing Conan in New York was interesting because I was a fan of Conan's and of that show. To be able to do it twice was great. I think I'm going to do Craig Ferguson here in the next month, as Craig Ferguson is welcome to do my show. Look, I came from turf wars. I don't think that they belong in talk shows.

If Jay Leno wants to come on my show at 11, he's more than welcome to come on my show. If Craig Ferguson or Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon if he's in L.A., wants to come on, or Wanda, whoever, absolutely they're welcome. I'm not in this game to exclude anybody. I'm in this game to include people.


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