Q: What are your thoughts on the current state of late night, and how do you feel like you'll fit it?

A: The current state of late night is much like the current state of the economy. It's in a down time. And the people that are not watching aren't particularly going to any other show; they're just leaving late night altogether. They're not going over to Dave's [if they] aren't watching Conan. They're just leaving.

That audience is pretty much the same audience. So with TBS and the inclusiveness that we want to bring and a diversity that we want to bring, the only thing you really can compare it to what happened 20 years ago when Arsenio [Hall] first started. [He] created what was a party atmosphere and a show that looked different. The approach was different, yet it was inclusive and not divisive.

I'm not getting into this thing to divide audience. I'm getting in this thing to form a new, stronger audience.


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