After appearing on The Oprah Show with his parents, Alex, now 19, says the taunting from some classmates continued as before, but he developed an effective way to deal with them. "I took it with a grain of salt, you know. I found that turning it into humor, flipping it around back on them, made it easier for me."

Miles says in addition to some negative reactions, he's experienced the positive effects of his parents' coming out on The Oprah Show. "I have lots of people that come up to me and ask me questions on how to come out to their parents," he says.

Alex says having gay parents doesn't change anything at home because he knows they love him and his brother. "That's what it comes down to in the end," he says. "I mean, love is love. If you're gay, you're still going to love your children the same amount as if you were heterosexual."


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