Garth's Las Vegas show is an unusually intimate way to see one of the biggest stars alive. Every night he walks into the Wynn Las Vegas' Encore Theater with no set list, no script and no time limit. Instead, Garth takes questions from his devoted fans and plays their requests for hours. "It's about my life and the music that influenced the music that became mine," he says.

In addition to his own country radio anthems, Garth plays covers from his idols, including James Taylor, Jim Croce and Harry Chapin. When his biggest hits start, the rollicking crowd sings along to every word.

The show isn't over until everyone's had their fill, he says. "Hours will go by and I'll still be onstage and people will still be singing," he says. "It's a wonderful place to be."

Garth performs his 1990 hit "The Dance" for Oprah and her audience.


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