Will Ferrell, long-distance runner

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Two years ago, Will ran his third marathon, the prestigious Boston Marathon, in just 3 hours and 56 minutes!

Previously he had run marathons in New York City and Stockholm, Sweden, "You always run that after New York, of course," Will jokes.

"I'd say the first one was the toughest, New York," Will explains, because he ran that one with his wife, Viv. "And the rule was we were going to finish together no matter who was first. I was hurting, to put it mildly, and Viv was doing great!"

By the 22nd mile of that first marathon, Will was "a little irritable," he jokes. "Viv was like, 'Honey, the Empire State building.' I'm, like, 'I know. We're in New York. Where else is it supposed to be? Stop talking to me.'"