Will, Nicole and Oprah

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Oprah: What would either of you be doing if you weren't acting?

Will: I was a bank teller [before]. My first day of work was the worst day of my life. I would have repeat customers who'd actually ask for the manager and then in front of the manager chew me out and tell them how I'm the worst teller. And I would just stand there and go, he's absolutely right. I'm horrible!

Oprah: What would you be doing, Nicole? You've been acting since you were 14. Did you ever have another job?

Nicole: I worked as an usherette for a while. And I was a masseuse. But not that kind of a masseuse. Not a...not a "sexy" masseuse...a masseuse.

Oprah: Okay. So, I want you to be honest with me. You [massaged] all kinds of bodies, right?

Nicole: Yeah. Well, I did it on the side.

Oprah: On the side? I don't care where you did it. I just want to know, okay, a person is buck-naked, you've known them for 20 seconds. Do you go, "Hmm, cellulite. Lots of it."?

Nicole: No, you're looking at the body to assess what parts you really need to work on.

Oprah: And there's no judgment whatsoever?

Nicole: Oh, maybe a little.