So, what are some of Nicole and Will's deep, dark secrets? Oprah's got the dirt!

Nicole likes to go to cemeteries! "I always go to my grandmother's grave. Actually my father and I walk through the graves together when I go back to Sydney, and we go and see my grandmother's grave and I like it. There's nothing wrong with that. I put flowers and I also like to just go and take flowers to different graves." She says it gives her "a sense of, I suppose, just the cycles of life, you know? And it also puts everything into perspective. It makes you feel actually very small."

Nicole also has a secret language with her sister! She says she and her sister created it "so that when we went out with guys we could talk about them in front of them. And we could talk about our parents, too. It's really handy now, I can tell you!"

Will's secret? He has a shoe rotation. What's that? "I like to wear all my shoes equally. I wear whatever is in the front of the row and then I rotate it to the back and then move all the shoes in order." Why? "Because I don't want to wear out any one pair too quickly. ... You know how you always have your favorite clothes or shoes or shirts? I would always feel bad for the other clothes that didn't get worn as much. But I'm not crazy."

Will's wife, Viv, says this sometimes creates interesting outfits. "Because of this rotation you sometimes get, like, J. Crew shorts, the wedding shoes that he got married in and a crazy buttoned-down shirt that should go with a suit. Whatever's next in line."