Three children later, Marie kept her secret from Alan, not even telling him the truth about why she didn't attend her mother's 2004 funeral. "I had to go home urgently when I heard my mother was really in very serious condition," she says. "My husband and I flew back, and she died in my arms."

Marie told Alan they wouldn't be attending the funeral—never telling him that attending the funeral meant risking her capture. "He thought I was kind of a monster for not going," she says. "Why would I even suggest not going to my mother's funeral? Who would do that?"

At the time, Alan says he didn't understand Marie's decision. "Her mother died in her arms, and she was devastated by it—that's how she explained it to me," he says. "She did not want to go through the funeral. She'd already been through this traumatic period, and I respected it. I didn't understand it initially. But I respected it."


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