Throughout her life on the run, Marie kept in touch with her parents. "[My parents] felt like I was innocent and wrongly convicted, and they were there for me, and we kept in touch, and they were supportive of me."

In 1985, Marie met Alan, the man who would become her husband. "I tried to tell him that I had done drugs, I had a boyfriend, I got into drugs with him...and he didn't want me to go any further," she says. "He just never really wanted to hear the story. He just felt like it doesn't matter now."

After 10 months, they were engaged. Alan even asked Marie's father for his daughter's hand. Alan says he never suspected Marie was hiding a secret that serious. "She did refer to a period of time when she had a boyfriend that was not the type of guy you want to bring home to [your father] and that it was a bad period in her life and she got into drugs for awhile," he says. "In my mind, it was in the past. It wasn't something I needed to dwell on."


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