Eventually, Marie says she had gotten carried away with her lifestyle, and moved to an apartment to get away from the drinking and drugs. 

Marie, then still known as Susan LeFevre, was arrested about a week after she moved into that new apartment. The night began when her friend Richie stopped by. "He right away brought out a joint, and, even though I'd moved away from my friends to get away from them, I was very glad to see this joint because I hadn't found one in my boxes, any kind of dope at all to use," she says. "So we smoked a joint, and we were talking." 

Marie says Richie then suggested they leave to get a pizza. "I said no, and he was very persistent," she says. "I eventually just said, 'Okay, whatever.' I was kind of hungry." 

Marie and Richie drove to the pizza place, and, Marie says, she stayed in the car while he went inside. "I looked up, and I saw Richie in the restaurant behind the glass," she says. “I said to myself, 'What am I doing here and what's happening now? He can't even get a pizza.'” 

When she went inside to see what was taking Richie so long, she says she was surrounded by a SWAT team. "They came out from the shadows, from behind the counters—rifles, military gear—and pointed the rifles right at me and Richie," she says. "They put Richie against the wall...then they handcuffed me. Put me in one car, put him in another, and we were arrested."


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