Marie says she took drugs as a teenager, when she was known as Susan LeFevre. "During high school I smoked marijuana, [took] diet pills, tranquilizers. That summer before I got arrested, cocaine and heroin came out on the table," she says. "I thought I was experimenting. I was trying things out. I was kind of following what I felt everybody was doing."

Marie says she never sold drugs. "No one would have considered me as someone who sold drugs. I was going to a community college," she says. "Now friends that I had, they had all the connections. I was usually getting drugs from them."

Still, Marie says she would pick up drugs for her friends. "All the time, they were much more sophisticated than I was and more involved than I was," she says. "If they asked me for drugs, I was glad that I could kind of cop for them, as we called it, and I would go get drugs."


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