When Marie's story made national headlines, thousands of supporters thought she should not have gone back to prison, because she lived the life of a model citizen.

Mike Thomas, the Michigan prosecutor for Marie's 2008 trial, disagrees. "I don't think she was respecting the justice system while she was on the lam for years. Our position was, 'You never filed an appeal for 32 years, so you didn't even have standing to complain about your sentence in the first place,'" he says. "Obviously she never filed an appeal because she didn't want to be apprehended and she avoided detection all those years."

Mike says it was unfair for Marie to avoid serving her time. "I bet you every single person in the prison system in America would like to have the same opportunity to have 32 years of their life," he says. "If you're found to have done something wrong, part of justice in America is paying the penalty, and she, just the same way everyone else served their sentence, she should have had to serve hers." 

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