After 13 months behind bars, Marie was released from prison in May 2009. The parole board determined that, since her escape, Marie had lived a productive life.

While in prison, Marie says she often thought about her family. "I felt really bad that I had put them through this," she says. "That they had to suffer."

Susan says she now feels compassion for other women who have been sent to prison on drug charges. "[It's] just unbelievable that these women got years because their boyfriend left a little bit of dope in their basement," she says. "And the women—there's no proof. There doesn't have to be [any proof] that they were selling anything. All the new laws are geared to widen the net to increase the populations in prisons."

In some ways, Alan says, jail may have been the best thing to ever happen to his wife. "She has reinvented herself again. I've seen a great metamorphosis in her," he says. "She has immense compassion for the people she left behind in that prison. We talk about it a lot. She tells me all the cases where these people should not be there. These are the weakest and the poorest that have done very little to be in prison."


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