At 53 years old, Marie was sent back to Michigan to await trial. A Michigan judge left the decision of whether Marie should serve out the remainder of her original 10 to 20 year sentence in the hands of the Michigan Parole Board.

Alan says the ordeal wasn't easy for his family. "For anybody who has a loved one or family member that ends up in prison, in a way the entire family is going to prison," he says. "You never stop thinking about them. You never stop worrying about what they're dealing with."

Marie and Alan's son, Alan Jr., was only 16 when his mom was arrested. "To see her come out and chained by the ankles and hands and in some old rugged jumpsuit and to have to talk to her behind a glass window, to justify that this woman needs to be put in a cage with a bunch of murderers, it's unbelievable," he says.

Maureen says reading letters from her mother was incredibly painful. "It was her greatest fear that not only would her life sort of be ruined, but that our family would just slowly crumble," she says. "I just had this whole flash of my wedding day and having her not there and possibly even having my first child and her not being there."


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