Imagine living in a town of 50 people—and only being able to get home by boat. Eight miles off the Maine coast lies the tiny island town of Frenchboro, where residents say you can truly leave the rat race behind. There are no streetlights, grocery stores—or even a hairdresser—but what they lack in conveniences is more than made up with the strong sense of community. 

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Tour FrenchboroWelcome to Frenchboro Watch
See the town's stunning views and get to know the people of Frenchboro

Frenchboro's schoolhouseSchool Days Watch
All kids on the island attend class in a one-room schoolhouse. A day in the life of Frenchboro's students.

Lobster fishermenGone Fishing Watch
Lobster fishing is the lifeline of the community and a tradition passed down through generations. What it means to them—and the challenges they face.

TammyMeet Tammy Watch
A wife and mother of three talks about her dreams for the island and shares the Frenchboro motto.


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