As time went on, Peter became more aware of his homosexuality but told Fran he didn't want their marriage to end.

"Once he got in touch with his confusion, he did sit me down, and he said, 'I think I'm bisexual but I'm making the choice—I love you, I love our life together and I want to spend my life with you,''' Fran says. "And I, who was at that point Miss Super Woman and not in touch with how it was really affecting me, felt like 'My God, he's being so honest with me. He must really love me.'"

At first, Fran says she wanted to make their relationship work. "I didn't want to fail at this marriage, and he was being honest with me and forthright and professing his love to me," she says.

Although Fran says Peter promised to never act on his feelings towards men, she made the decision to end the marriage.

"He begged me not to leave him, and for me, it was the hardest thing because I've always been all about putting everybody else's feelings above my own," Fran says. "I felt like a bird in a gilded cage."

Deeply hurt, Peter says he moved to New York and didn't speak to Fran for a year. "The day after The Nanny ended, I left," he says.
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