After high school, Laura earned a degree in education from Southern Methodist University and a master's in library science from the University of Texas. She moved to Austin and worked as a school librarian when she reconnected with a classmate from the past—George W. Bush.

Growing up in Midland, George and Laura's families lived about 10 blocks from one another. They attended different elementary schools, but were classmates for one year in junior high school. "I saw him in the 7th grade, and he also had that kind of very loving family," she says. "He moved to Houston in the 8th grade."

In 1977, mutual friends introduced George and Laura at a backyard barbecue, and Laura says she felt like she had known George all her life. "We both lived in Houston after college when we were single at the same apartment complex but never ran into each other. So it really was like we had grown up in these parallel lives and that we were meant for each other somehow," she says. "When we did meet, we had so many of the same friends. A lot of his best friends from elementary school had been my best friends in junior high and high school, and so it really was like we had known each other our whole lives."


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