After Todd became addicted to meth, he says he cut off contact with his family, holed up in his home and battled vivid hallucinations. He says his paranoia was so extreme, he even dug a tunnel from his house to a nearby street corner. "That's how I would get away from the police," he says. "Because I knew the police were watching me."

Todd says he once stayed up for 14 days straight doing drugs, an unimaginable feat that caused psychosis.

"I started having grand mal seizures," he says. "I went into that house, [and] I started seeing these little green men that came up, and I thought my grandmother had put these inside my house, underneath it. The little green men were like Stretch Armstrong dolls, but they were green and they were running around. I was chasing them. I was shooting at them."

Betty says she had no idea what was happening to her son. "He disappeared. I didn't know where he was," she says. "I did know that he was gone on drugs, and I just went into prayer, and I said to God, 'If you want to take him, take him.' I don't want to see him like that."

At that point, Todd says he didn't care about his life, but he never wanted his mother to see him strung out.


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