From ages 11 to 12, Todd says the man abused him three separate times. Then, when he tried for the fourth time, Todd fought back.

"He wanted to go places, and I didn't want to go at that point because I knew something was wrong. It just didn't feel right," he says. "I remember I was sitting on my living room couch in Baldwin Hills, [California], and my mom was there. He came in the room, and I just jumped on him. I wanted to kill him at that point, because I really felt like I was in such pain, and I wanted to attack him."

Todd attacked his abuser before his mother, Betty, could pull him away. At that moment, she says she realized what had happened. "I had been molested myself [as a child]," Betty says. "I knew something was wrong. I told [the man], 'Leave my house right now.'"

When the man refused to leave, Betty says she went into the kitchen and came back with a knife. "I forced him out of the house," she says. "And I called [Todd's] father and told his father what had happened. He didn't believe it."

Todd's father accused his son of lying about the abuse. "That really destroyed me because my father was supposed to be my protector. He didn't protect me. He allowed this man to do this to me and didn't help me," he says. "That was the breaking point for me."

From that moment on, Todd says he was hell-bent on getting even with his father and making him pay for how his accusations made him feel.


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