Author Gary Zukav

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Gary Zukav is the author of Seat of the Soul—a book that Oprah says is one of her all-time favorites. In fact, she still keeps a copy of it by her bedside. Now he wants to help you transform your relationship from what he calls "an ancient archetype" of marriage into something more—a "spiritual partnership."

The traditional model of marriage, Gary says, is primarily about enhancing the survival of the participants. The couple work together toward common goals but keep emotional distance. "In a marriage, the partners often don't want to rock the boat. They want to keep things together," he says.

"The energy dynamic itself is very different in a traditional marriage than it is in a spiritual partnership," Gary says.

The spiritual partnership, Gary says, does not necessarily require religious belief, but does require people who work together for "something more."

"In practical terms, we're talking about getting to know yourself—getting to know what you're feeling, what you're thinking, what you're intending, what your fears are, and what your loves are," Gary says. "That is, what it means while you're walking on the earth."