Oprah's Shoe Dilemma
For 21 years, Oprah has been keeping a painful secret. Until now, few have known this very private truth…her feet hurt!

After years of complaining—and a trip to the emergency room—Oprah's staff finally said "enough!" They searched high and low to find the ever elusive comfortable—and cute—high heel shoe.
Gordon Thompson and his boots

Cole Haan Shoes
"Today is a new day!" Oprah says. After years of living in pain, Oprah has finally found a comfortable shoe. "I have to tell you, no exaggeration. I complain about it every day," Oprah says. "I did not think that there could be a high heeled shoe or a high heeled boot created that wouldn't cause you pain!"

The man behind the comfy heel is Gordon Thompson. Trained as an architect, Gordon spent a decade developing high powered state of the art footwear for Nike before becoming the creative director of Cole Haan shoes. "In the back of my mind I was thinking, 'Here's a really sort of interesting idea of taking two worlds that traditionally don't go together and ramming them together,'" Gordon says.

By engineering an "air bag" that goes in the fore part and heel of the shoe, Gordon was able to provide a cushion for the feet. And they're cute too! No Aunt Esther shoes here. "This is life changing," Oprah says. "It's not a cure for cancer, but it is a cure for your feet!"
Nate Berkus at the Soho Grand

Nate's Favorite Hotel
When designer Nate Berkus heard Oprah was doing a "best of" show, he packed his bags and headed straight to New York City and his favorite hotel—The Soho Grand. As a savvy world traveler, Nate has stayed in hotel rooms all over the globe, so what makes this spot so special? "This place just makes me happy to be here. And my favorite thing about it, it feels like a part of Manhattan."

Nate's favorite room is the penthouse suite—of course! "I actually call this place the Beyoncé suite because the first time I ever walked in here I was like, 'This place is fit for Beyoncé!" With a huge terrace overlooking Manhattan and a design aesthetic even Nate loves, the Soho Grand is a little piece of paradise.

Tour New York's famous Soho Grand with Nate!

"The architecture here is absolutely fantastic. This hotel actually has a fantastic bar as well that's outside called, 'The Yard,'" says Nate. "It's one of the only places in Manhattan where you can actually play in the grass."

What if you are traveling with your pet pooch? No problem! The Soho Grand caters to furry friends too. "Dogs at the Soho Grand are treated just like us!," Nate says.
Marc Jacobs and his Stan Smiths

Marc Jacob's Favorite Shoes
Fashion designer Marc Jacobs made a name for himself as creative director at Louis Vuitton, but it's his personal line, the edgier and more affordable Marc by Marc Jacobs, that showcases his true style. When it comes to dressing himself, Marc says there is one thing he can't live without—his Adidas!

"My favorite place to get shoes is the Adidas store where I get my Stan Smiths. I've been wearing Stan Smith sneakers for years and years and years—probably since I was in junior high school or something. I just like how plain and white they are with the little flash of green in the back," Marc says. "They've never done me wrong."
Kiehl's products

Kiehl's Skin Care
Although he admits he isn't much of a groomer, Marc says he does have a top spot to buy products even he will use. "My favorite place for astringent and other sort of skin care products is Kiehl's. I like how unfussy they are. I like the sort of plain packaging. No frills. Not too expensive," says Marc. "They make good products."
Kiehl's products

Kirstie Alley Loves Ethel M. Chocolates
Kirstie Alley has been working hard to lose weight, but she admits she has special place in her heart for chocolate!

"My favorite chocolate in the world is Ethel M. and my favorite chocolates that Ethel M. makes are the dark chocolate creams," says Kirstie. "They ship them all over the world and they get there without being melted."