Since his Oprah Show appearance, Ted says he's received an outpouring of support. "We've had 2.8 million people come to my website, many of them church leaders inviting us to come and share about how to strengthen your marriage on your worst day," he says. "Of the e-mails we received, 96 percent of them were positive and helpful. … People were so relieved at the honesty."

Of the negative e-mails, Ted says they were largely split between the homosexual and Christian communities. "A portion was from gay people who resented the fact that I was being true to myself in that I stayed with my wife, stayed with my family," he says. "Interestingly enough, some percentage was also Christian people saying, 'You need to just be straight and be what God made you to be.' So there was negative response from both sides wanting me to fit in their box."


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