Nate Berkus

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With a team from Lowe's behind him, Nate gets started by removing the FEMA trailer Fannie has been living in for a year and a half. "I thought that would be a way of life for me for a long time," she says.

Now that the trailer is gone, Nate can get to work on finishing a home that is truly fit for a princess. "My goal, truthfully, is going to be to make this place a place where you can forget about the past and really look toward the brightest of bright futures," Nate says.

After sending Fannie and her husband to a hotel, it's time to get to work. Nate knows that Fannie always has a house full of guests, so he keeps that in mind when picking out and placing furniture. He also has to focus on the essentials. "There was no floor. The toilet wasn't hooked up," Nate says.