Amy Carter Wentzel in 1979 and 2008

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Amy Carter Wentzel
The fourth child and only daughter of President Jimmy Carter, Amy Carter was 4 years old when she came to live in the White House with her parents—the first young child to live there since Caroline and John Kennedy Jr. Because of her age, Amy was often in the media spotlight, and it's been reported that she roller-skated in the East Room and had sleepovers in her tree house on the White House lawn.

After leaving the White House and enrolling at Brown University, Amy was a part of several political protests—most aimed at ending apartheid in Africa—and was arrested after protesting CIA recruitment at the University of Massachusetts. Amy was acquitted in 1987, and she left Brown to finish her degree at Memphis College of Art.

Amy went on to get her master's degree from Tulane and married computer consultant James Wentzel. Since giving birth to her son in 1999, Amy has maintained a low profile and currently lives in the Atlanta area with her family.